How long does it take to get used to wearing hearing instruments? 

It's different for each individual. You will be hearing things that you have not been hearing for a long time. You may also have to learn how to focus on certain sounds or filter them out. And, there will adjustments made to the hearing instruments during this process. This is where your communication with us is key to getting the proper programming and fitting.

This is a pretty big investment for me – What happens if my hearing changes?

Due to improved technology, digital hearing instruments possess incredible flexibility. So, if your hearing requirements change, your hearing professional can re-program your digital hearing instrument to match your new parameters.

What is speech mapping?

This adjusts your hearing instrument to differentiate sounds better. It allows for Real Ear Measurements, which defines how much ’speech’ is reaching your eardrum.

How do I know I have a hearing loss?

Quite often having a hearing loss doesn’t mean you have a problem hearing sounds like speech and music, but rather that speech is not clear. In a sentence, it is the soft consonant sounds like st… that are more difficult to hear, whereas the louder vowel sounds like o and e… come through much more clearly. A hearing loss aggravates these difficulties. Words become unclear and easily confused, especially in noisy situations.

What is High Frequency hearing loss?

Most hearing losses are due to the simple process of aging, affecting our ability to hear certain high-and low-pitched sounds. But, if your hearing has been affected by overexposure to noise, loud sounds or certain medications, it’s hearing the high pitched (high frequency) tones that’s the real challenge. High frequency tones add to the quality and brilliance of sounds, and most importantly, they contribute substantially to the understanding of speech. Without them, you can miss the meaning of certain words and misunderstand what is being said. And the noisier it is, the more difficult it becomes.

What is Tinnitus?

Ringing in the ear. Wearing hearing instruments masks the ringing for some individuals.

Helping those with Tinnitus

Many people who suffer from tinnitus also have high frequency hearing loss. So, more and more hearing care professionals recommend trying hearing aids, both to combat the effects of tinnitus and to improve the wearer’s ability to communicate. Even if hearing aids don’t remove the high-pitched ringing or noise that tinnitus patients experience, they bring more of the everyday sounds into the picture. And this can have the soothing effect of drowning out the tinnitus.