Pinpointing Your Hearing Issue & Creating a Solution

Pinpointing Your Hearing Issue & Creating a Solution

Providing hearing aid evaluations to Treasure Valley

If you currently have a hearing aid, it might not be performing as well as you would like. You might not have a hearing aid at all and are in need of one to improve your hearing. No matter what your situation may be, our specialists can evaluate your hearing and provide you with a custom solution.

Chris and Deb’s Hearing Center is happy to offer extensive hearing aid evaluations for Treasure Valley residents. After going through a hassle-free process to determine your hearing needs, we will provide you with options that can work for your current situation and budget.

What does the evaluation process involve?

First, you will fill out a sheet that asks you about certain hearing issues. We may refer you to a physician if we believe your situation requires further evaluation.

At our facility, we can complete ear measurements, speech testing and hearing aid simulations to determine the best product for your hearing issue. Speech testing will help determine how much speech/sound is entering your eardrum, both with and without a hearing aid.

If hearing loss is indicated, we will show you the different hearing aid models available so you can test them out. You can even take them with you for a couple days to see if they help with your everyday communication.

From there, we can tweak and adjust the technology to ensure it is the perfect fit. Our services are completely tailored to match the needs of our customers. You’ll finally feel comforted and relieved after coming to Chris and Deb’s Hearing Center.

To get started on your hearing air evaluation and custom service, contact us at 208-672-1156.